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Yoga for climbers

Drawing on over 25 years climbing experience and 7 years coaching experience, in these classes we will focus on building strength, increasing flexibility, improving technique and injury prevention. We will also be looking how yoga can be used to improve your mental approach to climbing.

Thursdays strength and conditioning class is a dynamic flow, incorporating exercises into the sequence allows for additional strength and conditioning benefits as well as increasing flexibility.  We will usually have fun exploring balance poses.  Expect a workout in this class.

Sundays flexibility and recovery class is a slower paced and suitable for all, including beginners.  The first half of the class we move through a standing sequence to increase flexibility and mobility.  The second part we use seated and reclined poses for longer periods to further increase flexibility and allow that important recovery time before your next climb.

Book via my website.


Yoga for Sport Private Sessions

Whatever your sport, I can offer a yoga class tailored to your specific needs.  Yoga can be so beneficial both as cross training to improve your physical performance and to help you with the psychological aspects of your sport.  Yoga allows you to increase body awareness which will not only help with injury prevention but also allow you to move more freely.  

Together we can work towards increasing your flexibility to improve alignment and build strength and stability in key supporting and underused muscle areas.  We can also explore psychological aspects of your sport that may be holding you back and approaches from yoga to improves these.  

Classes are usually one hour an can be held in a number of locations around Leeds or online. After you class I will supply you with a summary of what we covered and a sequence for you to practice in your own time.

Prices vary depending on location but range between £30-£50. Discounts are offered for multiple session bookings. Please email me to find out more.


Children's Yoga (5-11 years)

Yoga great for a child's physical health but also looking after their mental wellbeing.

Through storytelling, games and fun we will use our imagination to go on adventures and playful journeys. Yoga and mindfulness can provide many benefits for children. From physical development through to leaning how to develop healthy responses to situations they may come across in life. By using the techniques they have learned in yoga, children can use these to find calmn and focus their energy on a specific task. They will learn to believe in themselves and their own abilities while developing balance, strength, flexibility and coordination. Most importantly it is great fun.

Classes are by group booking and are charged at £30 per 45 minute class.  Discounts will be applied for multiple sessions and block bookings. Please email me to find out more.

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