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I need to tell you about a “yoga” moment I had whilst climbing on Saturday.

I got to a section where the route did not fit my memory, something had changed, I couldn’t say what exactly but suddenly my mind was in a turmoil! I was looking at a small smeary foothold and my on-sight head was telling me to stand up on it but the mixed up memory head was saying, “no you don’t use that, there isn’t meant to be a hard move here”. Anyway no progress was being made and a bit of pump was creeping in… So to break the deadlock I decided to focus on my breathing, amazingly it slowed down my swirling mind and allowed me to focus on what needed to be done, a cautious stand up on the poor foothold and I was in the clear!  Even more amazingly that calm mental state remained for the remaining section of the climb which included the crux and it has never felt easier. 

So definitely a yoga moment but strangely not a benefit I expected from it when I started out.

Yoga for Climbers

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